Navigate to your landing pages or site pages to opt-in to the new dashboards, split into Manage and Analyze views.

Within the Manage view, you'll see a list of all your landing or site pages. Use this screen to perform actions on your pages, such as editing, cloning, deleting, etc. There is also new functionality for organizing your pages: a folder structure for landing pages and a site-tree structure for website pages.

Within the Analyze section, you'll find a chart or graph of all your top performing pages. 

Drill down into a page on the Analyze screen or a blog post from your Blog Dashboard and find a redesigned post publish screen that includes an overall performance of your page and optimizations (previously found in Page Performance).

Want to see analytics for all of your pages, including those not hosted on HubSpot? Use 'Page Tracker' under More Tools in the bottom left corner of the new dashboards to see the visits for all of your pages with the tracking code.

If you want to switch back to the previous editor at any point, click on the arrows button in the bottom right-hand corner of your page.