HubSpot Beta

Join the adventurous few and help make HubSpot better

Why join the Beta Program?



HubSpot beta testers get early access to the features the development team is working on. The program is exclusive - only made up of the most beta-tolerant and sophisticated of HubSpot users. We want to make the software better for you so we want thoughtful feedback on each new release from our testers. How useful did you find it? What bugs still need fixing? What could be improved, added, or taken away?

Keep in mind, this program isn't just a walk in the park. Being a part of the beta group at HubSpot is a commitment. It means you agree to use some software in your daily life that is bound to be a little rough around the edges. It also means you’re willing to take the time to help us smooth out those rough edges. 

How it Works

Step 1
Tell us more about you
The first step of applying to the beta program is to fill out an application that tells our team a little more about you, your company, and what HubSpot tools you're using. It's also essential for us to get a sense of how comfortable you are with buggy software and how often you're willing to provide feedback. 
Step 2
We review your application
We'll look over the applications to determine if the beta program is the right fit. There's a chance that based on the answers given on the beta survey, some applicants may not have quite the level of comfort with buggy software that we’re looking for. To put folks who are less than extremely beta-tolerant into an intensive beta program is just unfair, so not everyone is accepted.
Step 3
You get an answer
All applicants will receive an email back from our User Experience Research team. If we've determined that the beta program isn't the best fit, feel free to respond back to our email with any questions or feedback. If you've been accepted into the beta program, you'll start receiving emails about new beta releases.

New Visual Workflows Editor

Marketing automation plays a pivotal role in a successful Inbound strategy. According to the Annuitas Group, businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads. Inbound Marketing pioneers the Wu Tang Clan chimed in: "Automation rules everything around me."

But powerful automation ain't easy. As your marketing team scales, your automation footprint grows, and your workflow ecosystem gets more complex. A single flow gives way to three or four, one branch becomes several. More people are involved in the process, and need a quick way to access and understand your processes. 

With that in mind, today you have a brand new tool in your automation toolbox. HubSpot Workflows has a refreshed visual interface, which enables you to envision your marketing automation in real-time, as you build. 


Please note that the design is under ongoing change during the beta period. 

With the new design, It’s easier than ever to piece together powerfully personalized workflows. Here are few highlights:

  • Visualized branching logic. No more switching back and forth between branches. Track your logical train of thought visually, and follow your branches from beginning to end without any extra clicks.

  • Easier to share. Have internal stakeholders who want to review your Workflows before you ship them? The new interface provides a more digestable snapshot for your CEO, CMO, or sales rep.

  • Lighter to learn, simpler to use. With the new interface, powerful automation is just a few clicks away. Plus, fewer external tools and additional diagrams, and a whole lot less work to train your new team members.

How Does It Work?

Ready to get started? Navigate to your Workflows tool, and click into any of your Workflows. You'll now have the option to try out the new design, via a button in the bottom-right corner. Click the opt-in, and you're ready to start building!


The opt-in is on a per-user basis. Opting into the refreshed design in will give all your portal's a makeover for you, but it won't affect what any of your team members see in the tool.

Let us know what you think! You can opt in and out at your own volition. If you do decide to switch back to the old editor, please let us know what's missing from the new interface by using the orange feedback button in-app to pass your thoughts our way. Signed, sealed, delivered.

Otherwise, please tell us what you think by leaving feedback below!

Let us know what you think of the newest update by leaving comments below.