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Why join the Beta Program?



HubSpot beta testers get early access to the features the development team is working on. The program is exclusive - only made up of the most beta-tolerant and sophisticated of HubSpot users. We want to make the software better for you so we want thoughtful feedback on each new release from our testers. How useful did you find it? What bugs still need fixing? What could be improved, added, or taken away?

Keep in mind, this program isn't just a walk in the park. Being a part of the beta group at HubSpot is a commitment. It means you agree to use some software in your daily life that is bound to be a little rough around the edges. It also means you’re willing to take the time to help us smooth out those rough edges. 

How it Works

Step 1
Tell us more about you
The first step of applying to the beta program is to fill out an application that tells our team a little more about you, your company, and what HubSpot tools you're using. It's also essential for us to get a sense of how comfortable you are with buggy software and how often you're willing to provide feedback. 
Step 2
We review your application
We'll look over the applications to determine if the beta program is the right fit. There's a chance that based on the answers given on the beta survey, some applicants may not have quite the level of comfort with buggy software that we’re looking for. To put folks who are less than extremely beta-tolerant into an intensive beta program is just unfair, so not everyone is accepted.
Step 3
You get an answer
All applicants will receive an email back from our User Experience Research team. If we've determined that the beta program isn't the best fit, feel free to respond back to our email with any questions or feedback. If you've been accepted into the beta program, you'll start receiving emails about new beta releases.

"Unbounce" a contact that previously hard bounced

Now in beta is the ability to manual "unbounce" contacts who previously and erroneously hard bounced.

What is this?

Emails can “hard bounce” (be rejected by the recipient's email server) for a variety of reasons. The email address or domain may be invalid, it might perceive the message to be untrustworthy, or a temporary issue might be preventing the email from being delivered.

Like many email marketing providers, when HubSpot customers send to an email address that results in a hard bounce, we automatically stop sending to that email address in the future. This helps us protect ourselves and you from damaging deliverability rates.

In some cases though, you might know that a message to a legitimate email address hard bounced, and you may want to try that address again. In the past, you had to reach out to HubSpot Support to have this done for you. Now, we’re putting that power in your hands.

How to access it:

  • When you arrive on a contact’s record, if that contact has bounced in the past, you will see the choice to “Unbounce” that contact.
  • When you click “Unbounce”, you'll see a box with more details on what you are about to do, and asking you to confirm that the email address is correct.

Feedback appreciated!

We are releasing this new experience to all Marketing beta users and we’d love to hear your feedback; you can leave your thoughts here on the designated feature page or by replying to the email sent to you.

Let us know what you think of the newest update by leaving comments below.