HubSpot Mobile

Keep the conversation going...

The HubSpot mobile app provides the following features

  • Notify of new customer Live Chat Conversations
  • Notify of new messages from existing Live Chat Conversations
  • View and respond to Live Chat Conversations assigned to you.
  • Assign yourself new unassigned Live Chat Conversations
  • View by All Conversations, Unassigned, My Conversations and Filtered (aka Blocked Conversations)
  • Close Live Chat Conversations
  • Supports text, emoji & voice input
  • Set your Away Mode
  • Contacts: Click on an avatar to view a contacts details
  • Block Sender (iOS only)
  • iOS and Android have added support for Multiple Inboxes. Now you can manage all your Live Chat Conversations for your different teams.
  • View attachments (E.g. images or PDF) which the visitor has sent you. We don't yet support uploading attachments from the mobile phone but this will be supported in the future

  • View Internal Comments. 


We’d love to hear what you think, good and bad. Please leave your feedback through the HubSpot app via Settings>Provide Feedback.

Alternatively you can email with your thoughts and what’s a priority for you.



Click the App Store button below on your phone to install. N.B. Once you sign into the app you need to go to Settings > Conversations and Enable Conversations.

HubSpot available on the Apple Store

Image result for google play store





How to enable Conversations. Go to Settings -> Conversations and Enable Conversations

 iOS Conversations GIF-1


Beta Access

If you wish to always have early access to the latest features and fixes follow this links below

iOS: Follow this link

Android: Join the Beta group by selecting the "Become a Tester" on the following